Beijing Normal University

International Trade


Entry Requirements

1. Applicants should be in good health and of good character, respect Chinese habits and customs, and abide by both Chinese Law & Regulations as well as the university’s Rules & Regulations.

2. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens holding a foreign passport and under 50 years old (Date of Birth is after August 31, 1973).

3. Applicants for Master’s Degree should have a degree equivalent (or above) to a Bachelor’s degree from a Chinese university;

4. Language proficiency requirements for Chinese-taught programs:

(1) Chinese-taught Master’s programs:

A. School of International Chinese Language Education: 220 points and above in HSK 6 & 65 points and above in HSKK Advanced level;

B. School of Chinese Language and Literature: 210 points and above in HSK 5;

C. Other Departments: 195 points and above in HSK 5.

Note: After passing the initial review, applicants must mail the paper application documents by Feb 25, 2024, to ensure the materials are delivered on time, it is recommended to contact

Your Chance to Get Admitted

Basic Information

·Starting Date : Sep 1 , 2025
·Duration: 3 Years
Teaching Language : Chinese
Application Deadline: Mar 10 , 2025
Tuition : RMB 25,300 Per Year
Application Fee: USD 123 ( (Check Policy)
Service Fee: USD 200 (Check Policy)
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